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Why Join Youmedico

Why Join Youmedico

You can have a control over your schedule. Work whenever and from wherever you want
Grow your Practice
Take your practice to the next level - join us to attract more patients, expand your reach, and achieve greater success
Extra Income
You have the option to use Youmedico as your primary source of income or as a way to supplement your current earnings
On Demand
With just a click, you can make yourself available to see patients immediately, without having to wait for scheduled visits
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OurĀ Features

Visits history
Medical notes
Video, audio, chat
Files exchange
Visit reminders

How It Works

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Now that you have decided to join Youmedico, get started in a few simple steps
Simply apply by filling out our application form. This step involves providing basic personal information and details about your medical practice.
Once you have submitted your application, we will verify your credentials, including your medical license and identification.
Start Getting Patients Online
Once your application is approved, you will receive login credentials to access our platform and you can start providing virtual care on your own terms.
Verifying your medical credentials ensures that you are qualified to practice medicine and helps maintain the quality and safety of our platform.
3+ years of clinical experience
No disciplinary actions in the past 10 years
We do not accept interns or if you require supervision.

Estimated Earnings

Estimated Monthly Earning: 0 Youmedico does not guarantee a min. amount of earnings, estimated earnings are based on average working conditions on the platform.

Our visits typically last 25 minutes to ensure that doctors have enough time to properly assess and treat patients.Therapy visits last 50 minutes.

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